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School of Social Sciences

The 21st century has brought profound and previously unthinkable social change. We live longer and face new social, economic and health challenges brought on by an aging population. Political, ethical and environmental challenges are marked by ever-increasing uncertainty and, paradoxically, the easy availability of more and more data about us. Students from the School of Social Sciences conduct research in the conflict zones of the Middle East and teach global awareness in Orange County high schools. They are in groundbreaking behavioral economics labs, testing new methods to reduce traffic congestion, create better online marketplaces, and prevent the spread of disease. They are in brain, behavior, and cognitive robotics labs – mapping the structure of the human brain to understand how speech works in order to help restore it in victims of stroke, and building interactive robots aimed at improving social engagement in children with ADHD and autism. Social Science students are doing fieldwork in India, Africa, China – indeed, everywhere on the planet, exploring fundamental issues of peace, politics, population, migration and cross-cultural communication.

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