School of Social Ecology

Through research, teaching and community engagement, the School of Social Ecology focuses on science-based solutions to social and environmental problems. Departments in the School share a commitment to scholarship that seeks to disseminate knowledge beyond the confines of the university to a broader public. Faculty work to foster informed social action on issues ranging from global poverty to prison overcrowding, from gang violence to healthy child development, and from health risks to community empowerment. The School is an internationally recognized pioneer in developing interdisciplinary approaches to social problems that encourage flexibility and independent thinking among faculty and students, and nourish collaboration across different fields.

Engaging the community

School of Social Ecology and UCI Engage lead conversation About 50 representatives of community agencies, nonprofit organizations and the School of Social Ecology recently gathered in Costa Mesa for the first “Community Conversations,” led by Dean Nancy Guerra. Hosted by the School and UCI Engage, the event’s purpose was to explore ways the university [...]

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Justice league

The pursuit of justice is winding, difficult and, in many cases, anything but just. Misinformation about crime trends drives bad policy, fines and fees subjugate poor people, trials turn on false evidence, and prisoners suffer under inhumane conditions.

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The water challenge

Too much water, too little water, unclean water and unmet demand for water: Managing the most elemental of resources will be one of the defining challenges of the coming decades. It’s a challenge that UCI’s School of Social Ecology is poised to meet.

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Breaking down poverty

Poverty is an incredibly complex issue. Just ask Martín Burt, former mayor of Asuncion, Paraguay, where one-third of the people live below the poverty line.

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UCI-led study identifies ‘hot spots’ of water quality violations

While serious violations like those in the Flint, Michigan, crisis are rare, ensuring reliable access to safe drinking water poses challenges for communities across the country, according to a recent study led by the University of California, Irvine.

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Is it time to rethink solitary confinement? (podcast)

In the 1960s and 1970s, a series of deadly prison riots convinced corrections officials that long-term solitary confinement was the only solution to control the “worst of the worst.” Supermax prisons, such as the Pelican Bay State Prison in California, were constructed to fulfill this perceived need.

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