Education and Workforce Development

The need has never been greater for a knowledgeable workforce that learns effectively and thinks critically–or for the educators who can produce this workforce. UCI’s Cal Teach is designed to develop high-quality teachers by encouraging math and science majors to earn a teaching credential concurrently with their undergraduate degree. A series of university outreach programs offer STEM tutoring and financial skills to underserved students in the community. In addition, the Saturday Academy of Law introduces local freshmen to the possibilities of a legal career, sharpening critical reading and writing skills and providing academic and college-prep guidance. UCI students, too, are offered hands-on training to develop skills in fast-growing areas like stem-cell research and industrial problem-solving.

Four reasons the future will rely on humanities majors

The humanities are where many future leaders, communicators, scholars, CEOs, storytellers, creatives, directors, writers, and entrepreneurs come to get their start. While the disciplines of the humanities themselves are distinct, together they provide students with a common set of skills that employers of today, and especially those of the future, will rely on. [...]

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Foodie historian

While the almond, soy or coconut milk creamer you may use in your morning cup of coffee seems innocuous enough, it is actually under intense legal scrutiny at this very moment. In a class action lawsuit driven by the dairy industry, plaintiffs have argued that non-dairy liquids should not be marketed as “milks.” This [...]

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Coming full circle

Exposure to UCI’s Global Connect program as high school freshmen steered current program interns to UCI and plans for careers in education, international relations

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UCI launches new Center for Medical Humanities

On October 30, 2018, the University of California, Irvine formally launched its new Center for Medical Humanities, an unprecedented partnership among the School of Humanities, the Claire Trevor School of the Arts and the School of Medicine. Formerly the UCI Medical Humanities Initiative, the UCI Center for Medical Humanities serves as a vibrant space [...]

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UCI awarded $5.4 million grant to prepare Compton students for college access and success

The University of California, Irvine has been awarded a $5.4 million Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs partnership grant from the U.S. Department of Education to prepare middle school students for college access and success. The seven-year GEAR UP project will provide multiple academic activities and services for sixth- and seventh-graders in [...]

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Veterans and scholars

Navigating the cultural transition from military to civilian life can be emotionally and financially challenging, as well as fraught with such practical concerns as housing, employment and education. UCI prides itself on serving those who have served, creating a welcoming environment that supports both their social reintegration and their higher education. [...]

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