About UCI Engage

UCI Engage was established to coordinate, amplify, and celebrate the incredible work being done through faculty-community collaborations. UCI Engage facilitates academically-based community partnerships that are collaborative, participatory, empowering, and transformative.

Specifically, UCI Engage:

  • Facilitates community-faculty collaborations through our web portal, events, and community development efforts.
  • Trains faculty on best practices for developing long-lasting, effective community partnerships.
  • Stays engaged with the community on issues that are relevant and important to the citizens of Orange County and beyond.

UCI Engage is focused on UCI’s commitment to addressing the world’s grand challenges through community collaboration. The UCI Engage website features videos and articles that highlight faculty involvement with community organizations and partners. It also hosts a database of programs and initiatives that include faculty-community collaboration.

For more information on how to use this website, please visit our resource guide.

How Were the ‘Areas of Engagement’ Identified?

The UCI Engage staff identified more than 200 UCI programs and initiatives. To help organize the programs in a way that would be accessible to community members, the Academic Planning Group Engagement Task Force and UCI Engage leadership created the nine areas of engagement. The categories may be modified over time as the number of programs continue to grow, but the goal is to make the information accessible to our community members who many not be familiar with all the academic schools and units at UCI and the disciplines they encompass.


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